About Us

Welcome To The Lifeline Group of Hospitals.

The Lifeline Group of Hospitals is a health centre of excellence which seeks to transform patient care delivery.Located along Thika super highway opposite Kahawa Barracks, the level 5 institution has a multidisplinary team commited to delivering the best patient care possible.

We are a company duly incorporated under the Companies Act Cap 486 laws of Kenya, the company was incorporated in the year 2005 and by then it was known as Estate Medical Clinic Limited, subsequently in the year 2006 it changed its name to Health Care Nursing Home Limited which changed in 2009 to Kahawa Wendani Hospital and finaly to The lifeline group of hospitals.

Our main core business is to provide timely and efficient medical services both in and out patient on a wide range of services among them general and specialized treatments and consultations.We have both male and female wards and pediatric wards for the young ones who from time to time require our inpatient services.

We are under The Lifeline Group of Hospitals. We believe in investing in the right technology that will help in improving clinical outcomes and enhancing the service delivery to patients.The hospital operates on a 24 hours basis with members of staff alternating shift.

We currently have two other branches.

Our Vision.

To be the hospital of choice both within Nairobi and all the other counties of Kenya, and to provide top notch services both based on our experienced man power and the state of art medical equipments and to do so to both individual clients and corporate clients.

Our Aims & Objectives.

Our aim is to convert private medical services into an exciting, affordable and easily accessible to both the low and middle income earners.

Our objective is to transform our business into a profitable venture for our shareholders, business partners and other stakeholders using new strategic business opportunities and technology partnerships and also growing into a one stop shop for all medical services and equipments.